"All Ye Gods of the Grove, All Ye Gods of Night, Attend Here!"
— Ovid, Metamorphoses
Our world has long been inhabited by a vast variety of gods and spirits, ancient gods of groves, liminal places and the primal forces of Nature and Crafters of human desire. We are constantly surrounded by the spirits of the restless and forgotten dead, ancestors of old, and the spirits and dæmons of the land. Mankind has strived to capture these unseen beings through conduits and idols to transcend the spiritual world and make manifest the divine. Through these effigies we can create a link to our deities and open a consistent line of communication. Our ancestors built temples and crafted great statues to invoke the gods and spirits and that passion for personal connection has not waned.

Jeff Cullen Artistry strives to capture the divine essence of the gods by channeling their ancient and primal energies resulting in a darker image that is truly unique. By understanding and communicating with each entity being crafted and through historical and factual research, Jeff Cullen's work carries a certain and unmistakable energy linking one with the ancient gods. Each statue is 100% hand sculpted out of professional grade materials and crafted as a living amulet containing the sacred herbs, stones and genuine crystals of the deity. It is through his unique perspective with the divine that he specializes in the obscure and can create a custom statue for any god or spirit even if no representations exist in the modern world. One can be guaranteed a truly unique and one of a kind finished product.

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