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About Hoodoo, in reply to a highly offensive article:

Updated Aug. 6th 2014

I came across a rather misrepresentitive article on who “owns” hoodoo, and what hoodoo is.

Read it here:

And here is my reply …

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The Ritual of the Consecration of Oils on the Dark Moon.

Oils have long played an important part in ritual and offering. They can be poured to the gods, added to lamps, used to anoint devotees or dress objects, they can be diffused in a burner, and even added to charcoal as in …

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Pan: Into the Grove at Twilight

As a practicing Hellenic pagan and witch, it was only natural that my patron god would be Pan. With that said, there is a lot of misconception about Pan, His true purpose and His origins. As we know, Pan is the god of sh …

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What the Lady requires of me...

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Hekate: Reclaiming the Tomb

The goddess Hekate has gained a lot of prominence lately and rightly so. This great goddess retains Her power to grant favor to those She sees fit and to initiate only the most worthy into Her mysteries. As many may know …

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All Ye Gods of the Grove, All Ye Gods of Night, Attend Here!

As I grow as a practitioner and pagan it is astounding to literally see my practices evolve and delve deeper becoming less of practice and more of a natural religion. One place I find this most prevalent is in my altar a …

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Throw Wide the Gates of Dis:Part I

We all have our histories. Regardless if we liked them, found them particularly profound, or suppress them to only memory, the fact remains our histories mold us into who we are. There is a trend in the occult community to embellish or fabricate history in an attempt to find a prominent place wit …

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Chthonia: Into the Underworld

“Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate”, Dante Alighieri¬†

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