Author: Jeff Cullen

The Sacred Vessel

Sacred vessels are basically physical “bodies” for divine energy, also known as manna, dynamis, or numen, to be stored in, kind of like a rechargeable battery. This ritual can be customized and personalized but I will go over the basic principles of theurgy that will be used in its creation. That is, a reduction of […]

Prayers to the Anemoi

The Anemoi are the Wind Gods of the Hellenic Pantheon. Each corresponds to a cardinal direction and a season. Hesiod mentions only three of the Wind Gods, Boreas, Notos, and Zephyros. When he wrote his “Theogony” the Greeks only observed three seasons: Winter (Boreas), Summer (Notos), and Spring (Zephyros). By the time of Homer’s “Odyssey” […]

Hidden Gods: Eos

As an artist that specializes in cult iconography I am often approached by clients who are looking for a representation for obscure Gods. Often times these Gods have no known representation, or representations that have not gained popularity to join the mass production market. I have even found myself sculpting statues of Gods I couldn’t […]