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***LAUNCHES JULY 2022***
Delve deeper into the witchcraft and devotional traditions of Hekate than ever before with this complete 16 week course!
Witches of every experience level benefit from lessons and workshops geared toward getting us practicing with confidence. More importantly, they help inspire, vitalize, and reignite one’s passion for their craft. That is the purpose of this course, to get witches active and effective in using the techniques found within “Liber Khthonia: A Contemporary Witchcraft and Devotional Tradition of Hekate” (enrollees must own a copy of the book). Through this course the witch is shown exactly how to ignite their Witch Flame, create a thriving personal cult tradition, craft prayers, incantations, and rituals, create tools and concoctions, and master their witchcraft like never before. By enrolling the witch has access to:
  • New ideas, information, and techniques that enhance those in the book.
  • Comprehensive information on Hekate and Her cult in history and contemporary practice.
  • Step by step LIVE instructions on how to perform various rituals and make various tools found in the book (must be enrolled at the time of that week’s lesson).
  • Knowledge of plants and other ingredients to better use them within a ritual and witchcraft setting.
  • Access to LIVE lessons and Q&A sessions (must be enrolled at the time of that week’s lesson).
  • Additional downloadable information found in each lesson.
  • Access to a community of like minded witches to help each other learn and grow!
The course is set to begin July 2022 but one can enroll at any time, accessing archived videos and documents. Here is the course outline:

Week 1

Lesson: Introduction
Objective: The student is encouraged to really delve into their history as a witch and practitioner, and appreciate their family’s history. This is meant to reiterate the value of tradition, and how it affects one’s personal path, making them the witch they are today.

Week 2

Lesson: History
Objective: The student should learn how to identify Hekate through Her ancient cult, learning the importance of regional variations and how those variations benefited those who worshiped Her. This will help the student in understanding how to specifically build a contemporary cult that is effective for them.

Week 3

Lesson: Mask at the Crossroads: Who is Hekate?
Objective: The student learns to perfectly represent Who Hekate is to them by detailing their view and comparing it to the ancient cults we explored in the previous lesson. This will help them understand exactly Who Hekate is to them as an individual, and why She is in their life. It is also beneficial in helping forge a connection to Hekate that is clear and defined.

Week 4

Lesson: Polytheism and Witchcraft in the Ancient Mediterranean
Objective: The student learns exactly what a witch is in the Greek mindset, and through this, understands the role and image of Hekate as Queen of Witches. The student also learns, through myth, how the ancients practiced witchcraft, and the role Hekate took in it. This is meant to help teach the student the foundation of what ancient witchcraft looked like so it can be adapted into modern practice.
The student also learns how to begin channeling the Fiery Ether by performing exercises to ignite the Witch Flame. This is something that is meant to be an ongoing exercise.

Week 5

Lesson: Working with Cult Titles
Objective: The student learns the power and importance of cult titles, how to utilize them in their practice, and how to create a connection to specific aspects of Hekate that are  best suited for their personal needs and wants.

Week 6

Lesson: Identifying and Refining Your Cult
Objective: The student learns how to serve lesser spirits, honoring the ancestors, and spirits of the place, including offerings, setting up shrines, and communicating with them. They will also learn how to locate, consecrate, and awaken cult sites that are specific to different epithets.

Week 7

Lesson: Creating the Shrine or Altar
Objective: In this lesson the student will learn how to create an altar or shrine. They will learn how to make it practical, including essential elements, and then how to decorate it so it captures the energy of the specific epithet it is created for.

Week 8

Lesson: Ensouling and Working With the Agalma (Cult Image)
Objective: The student learns what an agalma is, why it is important, its function, and how to ensoul it. They then learn how to handle it and install it on the altar.

Week 9

Lesson: Lustral Water and Sacred Fire
Objective: Here the student learns the history and importance of Lustral Water and Sacred Fire. They also learn how to make Lustral Water and Sacred Fire, how to use them in practice, and how to do so safely and with confidence.

Week 10

Lesson: Working With the Tools of Hekate
Objective: The student becomes familiarized with various tools in witchcraft, as well as how they are used. They are then taken through the steps of making some of the more complex tools they will be using in their practices, and how to handle them.

Week 11

Lesson: Festivals and Sacred Days: Creating Your Sacred Calendar
Objective: The student learns how to create yearly traditions by setting up major festivals and sacred days to honor Hekate and how these holidays can apply to specific epithets.

Week 12

Lesson: Understanding the Power of Prayers and Rituals
Objective: The student learns the importance of prayers and how they not only evoke the presence of Hekate, but channel one’s intentions, making for powerful conjurations of magic. They also learn how to make their Vessels of Three Colors which harness energy for future workings. Finally, they learn the importance of dedication to one’s Gods through initiation, and what, exactly, an initiation is.

Week 13

Lesson: Working with Other Gods
Objective: The student is introduced to the concept of Gods as allegories: living, sentient forces of Nature, and becomes familiarized with how ancient Gods apply to our modern lives, remaining invaluable, and relevant. They also set up their own household pantheon.

Week 14

Lesson: Working With Herbs, Roots, and Stones
Objective: The student learns how to use the sympathetic link plants have to certain purposes through their shape, color, or folklore. They are also taught how to awaken plants and ingredients from the mundane to the magical. Lastly, the student learns how to formulate using different ingredients, and how plants interact magically with each other.15. Lesson: Go over how to formulate recipes for each type of materia. Point out planetary associations, the importance of numbers of ingredients, and how each ingredient supports each other to fulfill the purpose. Demonstrate how to make one incense, one oil, one tincture, and the three unguents.

Week 15

Lesson: Creating Recipes for Sacred Incense, Oils, and Potions, and Their Uses
Objective: The student learns how each ingredient, once awakened to the purpose of witchcraft, becomes imbued with the properties of the planets, the Gods, and specific divine forces. They will become adept in using the power of numerology, the diversity of materials, and the use for different concoctions in witchcraft. They will also learn how to balance their recipes, and make sure they carry the proper intentions for the work they are crafted for.

Week 16

Lesson: Effective Witchcraft Casting
Objective: The student reaches the point where everything they learned comes together so the skills they have acquired can be used to perform effective witchcraft. They will learn the anatomy of a spell, how to write them, and how to channel the power of the Fiery Ether, the Witch Flame, through their spellwork to manifest their desires.
This course comes complete with an assignment at the end of each lesson to get the witch hands on!

Course Benefits:

  • Witches can enroll in the complete course, or choose lessons they are interested in, paying as they go as each lesson becomes available!
  • There is no deadline, so assignments can be completed as the witch sees fit!
  • The purpose of this course isn’t to “pass” or “fail”, but to build confidence, understanding, and experience in manifesting EFFECTIVE witchcraft!
  • Everything is meant to benefit the witch, to contribute to, or to build a complete system of witchcraft and devotion to Hekate!
Lessons will be released weekly and in order, accessible to those that enrolled all at once, or those who enroll in individual lessons, so every witch has access to the same community and experiences of each lesson!

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