“Liber Khthonia” Postcards


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Get all 8 postcards featuring the ‘Artist Panels’ of ‘Liber Khthonia’! This set of postcards will include all 7 images found within the artist edition, as well as the 8th image featured on the slip case of the limited edition! 

Included are:

  1. ‘Hekate Einalia’
  2. ‘Hekate Soteira’
  3. ‘Hekate Aidonaia’
  4. ‘Hekate Baubo’
  5. ‘The Gods of the Witches’
  6. ‘Medea’s Hekate’
  7. ‘Queen of Witches’
  8. ‘Hekate Triformis’ (featured on the slip case for the Limited Edition book)

Use them as ritual icons, altar art, or gift them to your fellow witches!

Size: 100mm x 150mm (4in x 6in)

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × .25 in


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