Jeff Cullen is a self taught artist located in Syracuse, New York, specializing in subjects of the occult and esoteric. Inspired by his mother and two sisters, he began his journey in Paganism in the summer of 1998 after a long childhood fascinated by witchcraft. Being raised in the wooded hills of Central New York, he spent a lot of time communing with Nature and Her spirits. He and his sisters would cast spells and weave magic in the deep woods, craft tools and runestones from Her elements, and construct temples in fallen trees. By doing so, he was initiated into Her mysteries through secret and personal rituals. After years of learning the Craft from the forest, he moved to Chicago where he began to seek guidance in many of the perils of city life.

Hekate, Goddess of Crossroads and Queen of Witches answered the call and he knew She was the secret guide behind many of the events of his life. Guided by his patron gods, Hekate and Pan, as well as minor workings with other deities and spirits, Jeff has become quite adept in witchcraft and divination through the art of rune casting. As he creates his art, he channels the deity or spirit in their most primal and sacred form which results in a dark yet unique creation.