Liber Khthonia

Swirling all around us is the Celestial energy of Creation, ignited at the beginning of time. This  energy is the pure power of manifestation, divine, and undying, it is  the Witch Flame that gives potency to witchcraft and ensouls the entire Cosmos. There is one Goddess Who carries the Witch Flame, Who anoints  certain individuals with this creative power. She is Hekate, a millennia  old Goddess worshiped and celebrated as the Soul of the Cosmos,  Goddess of Crossroads, and Queen of Witches. Much of what we know about Hekate comes from academia, and most cult traditions center around ancient  traditions. Liber Khthonia: A Contemporary Witchcraft & Devotional  Tradition of Hekate by Jeff Cullen connects the ancient knowledge of  the past with the relevance of the present sharing a practical, unique  contemporary cult. He combines his decades of knowledge in ancient  Hellenic cult with familial traditions, and experience in world  religions presenting something that is rooted in antiquity, yet  thriving. Liber Khthonia teaches the  contemporary witch how to connect with Hekate in powerful, physical ways  bringing the dynamis of the Goddess into your life like never before.  In addition to creating your personal cult, constructing potent cult  objects, awakening sacred images, and empowering your Witch Flame, this  book also teaches you rites of witchcraft straight from the author’s  personal grimoire. This book breaks with the conventional Wicca based  traditions that are widely available and lets the contemporary witch  discover their own power through unshackled freedom driven by their personal Desire, inspired by Hekate, and burning with the ethereal Witch Flame!

Liber Khthonia: A Contemporary Witchcraft and Devotional Tradition of Hekate is a 6×9 340-page book which shares all of our ritual practices along with our methods of witchcraft taken directly from my personal grimoire. It contains easy to follow instructions making authentic witchcraft available to any witch regardless of experience or path, rooted in history, yet deeply personal and relevant. It includes not only practical academic research into the history of Hekate and Her worship, but it also explores the concept of polytheism and witchcraft, true ethics and morals to guide witches, how to build your personal cult, an initiation formally dedicating yourself to Hekate, prayers and rituals, and authentic witchcraft. In this book you will find:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • The Mask at the Crossroads: Who is Hekate?
  • The Concept of Polytheism and Witchcraft in the Mediterranean
  • Cult Titles
  • Identifying and Refining Your Cult
  • Shrine or Altar
  • The Agalma (Cult Image)
  • Lustral Water and Sacred Fire
  • Tools of Hekate
  • Festivals and Sacred Days
  • Prayer and Rituals
  • Other Gods
  • Herbs, Roots, and Stones
  • Recipes for Sacred Incenses, Oils, and Potions
  • Witchcraft