Liber Phorbas

Liber Phorbas

Within each witch is a primal force that allows us to pull our desires from the Ether into the physical world, a force so powerful, it can be seen as the physical form of the Ether itself. It is our lust, our instinctual willpower, what some may call “intention”. While Hekate rules over the spiritual Fiery Ether as our Queen, it is Pan Who rules over our lust, the Eternal Fire that burns within us as our King. 

Pan is a God Who has often been reduced to simplified functions, diminishing His true power. Witches, however, know His energy well, calling upon it either knowingly or unknowingly by entering His primal state, the domain of the subconscious, entering into the irrational. Discover this amazing God both in ancient cult, as well as contemporary worship, and learn how to draw on His power to work effective witchcraft, attaining real results! 

Liber Phorbas: A Contemporary Witchcraft and Devotional Tradition of Pan is a 6×9  book with a copper foil stamped hard cover which shares all of our ritual practices along with our methods of witchcraft taken directly from my familial tradition as well as my personal grimoire. It contains easy to follow instructions making authentic witchcraft available to any witch regardless of experience or path, rooted in history, yet deeply personal and relevant.

With your help I will be publishing my second book which includes not only practical academic research into the history of Pan and His worship, but it also explores the concept of polytheism and witchcraft, true ethics and morals to guide witches, how to build your personal cult, an initiation formally dedicating yourself to Pan, prayers and rituals, and authentic witchcraft. 

This book is structured exactly like my first book, ‘Liber Khthonia’, including sourced academic information and personal practice. Within its pages you will find:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Lord of Pandemonium: Who is Pan?
  • The Sacred Phallus and Its Role in Greco-Roman Cult
  • Cult Titles
  • Identifying and Refining Your Cult
  • Shrine or Altar
  • The Agalma (Cult Image)
  • Lustral Water and Eternal Fire
  • Tools of Pan
  • Festivals and Sacred Days
  • Prayer and Rituals
  • Other Gods
  • Herbs, Roots, and Stones
  • Recipes for Sacred Incenses, Oils, and Potions
  • Witchcraft

As well as exclusive images including images taken directly from my personal grimoire, and 7 full page illustrations I created specifically for the hard cover Artist Edition of the book.