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  • Household shrines act as small sacred spaces within the home. They are seen as places that are connected directly to the divine, and receive our prayers and offerings. For witches, they are also places of power where we can harness the dynamis of our Gods to work our witchcraft. This portable wooden shrine dedicated to Hekate, Queen of Witches is perfect for a household or travel shrine. It is adorned with a sacred statue (agalma) of Hekate and surrounded with sacred objects meant to strengthen the connection to the Goddess, and amplify the witch’s power. This hand painted shrine box includes items that have been securely fixed in place for portability. They include:


  • 1 4 inch agalma of Hekate by Jeff Cullen
  • 1 aconite root (aconitum variegatum)
  • 1 mandrake root slice (mandragora officinarum)
  • 1 raw garnet
  • 1 star garnet sphere
  • 1 obsidian skull
  • 1 antique key
  • 1 miniature obsidian scrying mirror with a real snake vertebrae stand
  • 1 triple crossroad cemetery stone
  • 1 black moonstone
  • 1 dog toe bone
  • 1 bottle containing wormwood (artemisia absinthium)
  • 1 bottle containing human bone (legally acquired) and graveyard dirt
  • 1 bottle containing Hexing Oil from the recipe in the book ‘Liber Khthonia’ by Jeff Cullen

The box itself measures 6x4x2.5 and was hand painted and detailed by Jeff Cullen. A mirror adorns the back wall to allow Her triple faces to cast their gaze of protection. The door is inscribed with the Trisphereia, Her symbol representing the Underworld, the physical world, and the Fiery Ether of the Divine world.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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