A Spell to Pan to Heal Animals

Here’s another spell I have used for my pets for healing and comfort! Now, with our pets we have to respect their journey. We cannot speak for them, and these spells are often used to aid in recovery, or to help medicine and treatment work. While the Gods can indeed invoke miracles, we must appreciate They know what is best for our pets. 

You will need a wax or cloth poppet to act as your pet. If it is a cat, those cat figural candles work perfectly. You will also need a bit of your pet’s fur, a name paper with the pets name, and what you want healed written around a sketch of Pan holding your pet, as well as the following:

Herbs: lemon balm, heal all, anise star, nettle, and lavender. 

Essential oils: labdanum (rock rose absolute), lemon balm, frankincense, cedarwood, clary sage. 

Incense of 1 part lavender, 1 part frankincense, 1 part golden copal, 1 part cedarwood, ½ part anise, ½ part sage, ½ part pine ground and mixed with a small bit of raw honey and coconut oil, made into little pellets prepared 3 days before the ritual.

Other materials: cauldron or pot, spring water, fire source, white candle, 7 pins, large terracotta or earthenware dish, a small red tiger’s eye (like a round bead), a square of red flannel that is 4inches by 4 inches, and a cotton string about 2 feet, a white cloth large enough to cover the poppet, a bunch of offertory flowers, sweet red wine, and a piece of fresh raw steak. 

Go outside after 2pm with your Pan image that has been awakened as a cult idol. Light the white candle and start heating up the water in the cauldron. Begin burning the incense, fanning some of the smoke on the poppet, and around the workspace. Offer a libation of the wine and flowers set before the cult image. Mix all the herbs and add a few drops of each of the oils, having enough to divide in thirds. Add one third to the cauldron. Take the poppet and inscribe it with the name of your pet and say:

“With Pan, Lord of All Animals, as my witness, you are now NN, and he/she is you. Through my love and my will, from this moment forward, the one shall be irreconcilable from the other.” 3x

Then inscribe the area affected by the illness with what the illness is, crossed with a proclamation such as “You are healed!”. You can also carve affirmations of healing all over the body of the poppet saying exactly what you want to see happen. Once you are done with that coat the poppet in the herb and oil mix. Next evoke Pan:

“Hear me now, nymphs of the forests, fields, mountains, and streams, hear me now Lord Apollon Who heals, under Whose light I cast this spell, be present! Awaken, Lord Pan, Sovereign of all beasts, I invite You to this sacred place so I may witness Your power! You Who are the compassion of Nature, I call on you to heal NN, my beloved companion, he/she suffers from (name illness). You are the guardian of animals, protector of the wild and the tamed, and I come to You in need! Hear my incantations and help NN so he/she may live in peace and happiness! Accept these offerings and lend me Your aid to heal, for it is in Your power to do so!” 3x

Now, take the poppet and the pins along with the raw meat. At this point the brew in the cauldron should be ready. Dip the first pin into the brew and drive it into the area to be healed envisioning it as a beam of golden light and say:

“I draw down the power of the ever expanding Cosmos, the power of the Fiery Ether that manifests Creation. I draw down the power to heal and cast it into you, NN. By my will, and the will of Pan, Lord of All Animals, so mote it be!” 

Now draw the needle out, envisioning it drawing in the blackness of the illness and pulling it out and say:

“As I am a part of the ever expanding Cosmos, I draw thee out, (illness) like Light drives out Darkness. Listen, I am the witch, NN, and my words have power! By the power of the Cosmos, you are healed!” 

Now drive the needle into the meat and say:

“Creature of Darkness, your will is Death, so I give to you this flesh in which you shall achieve your purpose. Leave my companion and never return, content in your new host”

Repeat this for each needle. Once the needles are in the meat, take it and dispose of it by burying it in a field or garden. If you are worried about the needles and wildlife you can pull them out and dispose of them separately. With the remainder of the herbal mixture make a hangable charm with the 4×4 cloth and cotton string. This is to hang in your pet’s favorite area far enough away so it can’t get to it as the essential oils may be toxic if ingested. Wrap the poppet in the white cloth and let it sit in the Sun as the candle burns out. When you see your pet lay your hands on their affected area if it is comfortable for the pet to do so and say:

“I draw down the power of the ever expanding Cosmos, the power of the Fiery Ether that manifests Creation. I draw down the power to heal and cast it into you. Your (illness) is healed, your spirit is healed, and you shall be made whole again! I pour into you my love and through that love all is possible. By my will, and the will of Pan, Lord of All Animals, so mote it be!”

This spell can be done as many times as needed through the healing process. You can reuse the poppet but will need new pins, meat, offerings, and herbal mix. 

3 thoughts on “A Spell to Pan to Heal Animals

  1. Samantha Thompson says:

    Wow. my dog bauble has had surgery on his leg n it’s very weak..he should be better by now but if fear I don’t have the skill to perform such a spell.

    1. Jeff Cullen says:

      Hi Samantha! I am sorry to hear your dog had to have surgery. We know how stressful and worrying that can be.

      When you perform the spellwork, be sincere, pour in your emotions, and that will speak for itself, that deeply emotional intention will drive the work and you will find your own style of performing it, one you are comfortable with that works for you. I think you will surprise yourself with your skill and this could be a great way to ignite or fuel your Witch Flame because the intentions are so personal to you.


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