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Charm bags have been used by witches for thousands of years. They contain curios that the witch imbues with intention, giving them license to work. These one of a kind, meticulously curated charm bags are aligned with the divine power of Hekate, each object adding to a collective force of protection and manifestation. They are meant to be carried or worn, added to, and personalized. They are also great to carry your Hekate Medallion in!


  • Black pouch with the symbol of Hekate
  • Coyote Tooth: Defense
  • Coyote Toe Bone: Protection
  • Key: Unlock Mysteries and open roads
  • 3 Way Crossroad Stone (Cemetery): Allied with the Restless Dead as Familiars
  • Sea Shell: Power of the Deep, psychic awareness
  • Snake Vertebrae: Power of the Underworld
  • Tektite: The Witches’ Stone, enhances witchcraft
  • Ancient Coin: Attracts and secures wealth
  • Charm Pouch with Garnet, Moonstone, and Obsidian: Represents Hekate Herself, filled with herbs and oils, the garnet represents the Fiery Ether, the moonstone represents the White Air, and the obsidian represents the Black Earth

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.5 × 6 in

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