Hekate Einalia Original 10″ Statue


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She is the Goddess of the Hadal Deep, Life-Stealing, Breath-Stealing Ruler of the Black Abyss. Yet She is also the most powerful Sea Witch, able to control the tides of emotion, psychic powers, and riches.

Adorn your altar with this original, hand sculpted statue (agalma) which features silver eyes, and an amulet within Her heart made of black sea salt, irish moss, jasmine, wormwood, belladonna, lavender, mugwort, and cyperus rotundus, as well as a seahorse, beach sand, and aquamarine, bathed in sacred oils.

This statue adorned my personal altar for several years, and has witnessed many rites, received prayers and offerings, and worked witchcraft.

She stands 10 inches to the top of Her trident, and is made of professional grade polymer clay.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 in

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