My Evolution of Artistry

Over the years I have taken hundreds of commissions, creating one of a kind sacred cult images ensouled with amulets to harness the power of the Gods. When I started taking commissions a statue would take me a little under 12 hours to create from start to finish. However, the more I sculpted, the more I studied the work of artists in museums, and the more my husband challenged me my artistic style evolved and became infinitely more detailed. A statue that would take me that 12 hours now started taking days, sometimes up to a week to finish. This put me significantly behind in commissions, balancing sculpting with running a successful store. But the results are worth it, and I am so excited to get my best work out to my patient clients, and to give form to some amazing Gods!

Below are a few examples of how my art has changed. While I absolutely love every single piece I have done, I am so proud of where I have come as a self taught artist!

My proportions have improved significantly as well as my detail of Her torches, faces, and jewelry.
Because I no longer sculpt my statues around what my husband so lovingly refers to as “a stump on a stick”, I am able to add more movement. Again my proportions and detail are a lot more refined.
Even in statues where I keep the similar pose, I am able to add significantly more detail in the musculature, hands, face, and in this case, horns and phallus.
Draping and fabric movement is one of my greatest advancements. Compared to my prior work which I would remove clay from the base to try to replicate fabric, now I add layers to create more movement and realism.

I can’t rush my art as frustrating as it is, and I cannot revert back. I simply do not know how to go back to the quicker sculpting technique. When I have tried in an attempt to save time I still add more and more detail. I want to assure every client waiting that not only will the statue be a significant increase in worth, but in energy. I know it has been several years for many of you, but I cannot tell you how much I appreciate being able to exceed your expectations! Nocturnal Blessings!

5 thoughts on “My Evolution of Artistry

  1. Adam Michal says:

    Your work is absolutely beautiful. You have been blessed with an amazing gift that you are able to share with this world. Your art will live on for generations to come.

  2. Alex Dryden says:

    Your artwork is amazing to behold! The pieces I have been fortunate to purchase are in prominent places in my home. They bring such joy and life to my living space! And they inspire me to create as well!

  3. Richard Walton says:

    I adore this post, Jason! Your art is brilliant and so evocative. The continuing development of your craft is a gift. I clearly need to start thinking about the commissions that I want to request.


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