Great God Pan 15.5 Inch Original Statue


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The Great God Pan is Lord of Forests and Mountains, Ruler of Lust, and King of Witches! He stands among plants and mushrooms proudly erect demonstrating His potency, with His 7-reed pipes that conduct the course of the planets, and His scepter, the lagobolon, a weapon of the hunt, and His authority over Nature! His eyes are high flash green moonstone, and His heart contains an amulet of savory, oakmoss, calamus, pine, wormwood, woodruff, winter aconite, hemlock, bee pollen, goat bone, forest dirt, and garden quartz, bathed in oils.

He was hand sculpted and is made of professional grade polymer clay, standing an impressive 15.5 inches tall!

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 16 in

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