Witch’s Ritual to Pan

This is a familial ritual I would like to share with everyone! To raise a witch’s power under the patronage of Pan, at night under a Full Moon go to a clearing in a forest or field, or in a secret secluded place outdoors or in a very well ventilated room. It can be done alone or with a group.

Bring an image of Pan that has been prepared and awakened as a cult idol. You should preferably be nude, but this is not required. Hang wind chimes and bells around the area to signal the God’s presence. If you have a hand drum you can play it as you perform the ritual Consecrate the area with an incense made of the following:

  • 1 part benzoin
  • 1 part frankincense
  • 1 part myrrh
  • 1 part dragon’s blood
  • ½ part savory
  • ½ part wormwood
  • ¼ part camphor

Make an offering of honey and milk to the nymphs and spirits of the place, and pour a libation of sweet red wine to Pan. In a cauldron brew a potion made from:

  • spring water
  • a small bit of *hemlock
  • 1 part wormwood
  • 1 part orchid root or calamus root
  • 1 part oakmoss
  • 1 part greek mountain tea
  • 1 part pine
  • 1 part coffee bean

Once the brew is at a boil, raise your hands toward the moon and evoke Pan: 

“O Night, Mother of Mysteries, and You bright Stars and Moon, Hail and welcome! I summon The Wanderers, the Nymphs of the meadows, forests, mountains, and streams, I summon Great Gaia, sure foundation of Gods and humankind, and I summon You, Mistress Hekate, Queen of Witches, make strong my workings! All Ye Gods of Groves, All Ye Gods of Night, be present! Hail and welcome!”

Take a moment to feel the powers around you, to raise your own power, add more incense, gesture your hands toward the cult image and continue:

“I call to You, Strong Pastoral Pan, God of the Wild, Lord of Lust, King of Witches, approach and attend here! Come from Your nocturnal tricks, and celebrate under the light of the Moon, whom You love! I am the witch, NN, Your servant, and my words have power! Let Your spirit move me, and ignite within me the Great Flame of Witches, for it is You Who carries the Fiery Ether between Your Mighty Horns! You are the Lord of the Sabbath, Goat of Mendes, come and rejoice in my offerings! Play now the Hemlock Pipes, whose fine cries keep witchcraft on its course! Horned Lord, crack Your Iron Whip and destroy my enemies and cast out all that seeks to harm me! You are the hidden force that rules the shadows, Your seed gives power and potency to all mushrooms, herbs and roots, ordained for our witch’s rites giving life to enchantments! I am gathered here for You, O Lord, to receive and give thanks for all that You offer! Hear now my incantations and come in pleasant form, ithyphallic God, Hail and Welcome!”

At this point listen for the sounds of the chimes and bells and perform any specific spellwork, divinations, or recite any petitions you have for the God. The brew you made is used to empower tools, charms, and other cult objects used in witchcraft so it should be strained and bottled, kept in a dark place. Add to it ⅓ grain alcohol like Everclear or Aguardiente. 

*It is toxic due to the hemlock so make sure it isn’t ingested and keep away from children and pets. If you want to use a non toxic plant you can do so with hemlock tree rather than the plant.

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